IT Hiring in Dallas

Dallas is ranked number two in the technology job market. Technology employers and job seekers in the Dallas area will find the search for employees and employers in 2016 impacted by national and local trends that are both positive and negative.

Trends Indicate More Competition for Top Employees

One survey placed both Dallas and Plano among the top 25 cities for job seekers, with Plano actually topping the list. While that’s good news for job hunters that means employers may need to work harder to convince candidates to accept their offers. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that hourly wages for computer systems analyst in Dallas-Fort Worth are currently slightly below the United States average for these workers, though surveys by other firms report salaries that are higher than average for the most in-demand technical skills.

A contrary trend is due to Dallas’ dependency on oil and energy firms; the current low prices for oil may reduce job growth in Texas, according to the Dallas Fed. Although the energy slowdown started in 2015, the effects will continue to be felt through 2016 and even into 2017.

Most companies report that technology staff will stay level or increase in 2016; an emphasis on digital transformation is forcing companies to increase their IT budgets. For employers, the biggest challenge remains finding quality employees. Unemployment in Dallas remains relatively low.

Staffing Agencies Help Employers Beat the Competition

Working with a staffing agency is an effective way for companies to identify top talent in a competitive job market like the one in Dallas. Staffing agencies have large databases of candidates and actively network to expand their contacts. By working closely with their client companies, staffing agencies reach a deep understanding of the requirements for each open position and are able to effectively screen candidates. Only the most suitable applicants get passed to the company for further evaluation. Staffing agencies also know what the market rate salaries and benefits are for every job title, helping companies generate attractive offers that candidates are likely to accept. Through these skills, staffing agencies reduce the time and cost of a company’s recruiting efforts.

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